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Big Twin 1970 and later w/auto advance (#1296)


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  • Big Twin 1970 Later With Automatic Advance
    $1,535.45 Choose Options Big Twin 1970 Later With Automatic Advance
    Joe Hunts popular magneto and billet sidecover for Big Twin Harley's is equipped with mechanical advance, and rare earth magnets for easier starting and higher output. The new and improved billet sidecover fits both early...
  • Cap Screw Kit
    $6.95 Cap Screw Kit
    This is a set of four 1/4" x 20 screws to hold your magneto cap in place. Screws are nickel plated for corrosion resistance and include toothed lock washers to keep them from coming loose.
  • Black Bakelite Cap
    $41.65 Black Bakelite Cap
    This is our black Bakelite cap that we have made especially for us. The Bakelite material is used for its non-conductivity and heat resistance properties. The cap features brass terminal inserts for corrosion resistance and...
  • Clear Cap
    $41.65 Clear Cap
    This is our clear polycarbonate cap. The polycarbonate material is used for its non-conductivity and heat resistance properties ensuring a long and reliable service life. This cap also won't turn yellow and deform like those...
  • "Retro Red" Bakelite Cap
    $41.65 "Retro Red" Bakelite Cap
    This is our "Retro Red" Bakelite cap that we have made especially for us. The Bakelite material is used for its non-conductivity and heat resistance properties. The cap features brass terminal inserts for corrosion...
  • Black Bakelite Single Fire Cap
    $73.60 Black Bakelite Single Fire Cap
    This black Bakelite cap is what we use on our single fire conversions, which allows each plug to be fired individually rather than at the same time for a hotter spark at the plug.The Bakelite material is used for its...
  • Cap Gasket
    $4.50 Cap Gasket
    Replace your worn or missing cap gasket with this new one. It helps to seal the magneto between the housing and cap preventing moisture from entering the inside of the unit.
  • Single Fire Rotor
    $27.50 Single Fire Rotor
    This is the correct replacement rotor for your “single fire” magneto. Molded from durable Bakelite material with a  brass terminal, this rotor ensures the maximum spark will be delivered to the plugs.
  • Cap Carbon Brush
    $6.85 Cap Carbon Brush
    Replace your worn, damaged or missing carbon brush with this new unit. The carbon brush is what allows the current to transfer from the rotor to the cap and if missing or damaged it will increase the strain on the coil and...
  • Single Fire Rotor Adapter
    $32.60 Single Fire Rotor Adapter
    This is the rotor adapter that is required to mount the #265 rotor onto the top of the magnet rotor. This kit inludes the rotor adapter, lock washer and retaining bolt. Note: The top of the magnet rotor must be drilled and...
  • Cap Lead Rod
    $10.25 Cap Lead Rod
    This is the lead rod that installs into the bottom of the #230 single fire cap. The rod completes the connection between the cap and the coil. Our unit is machined from brass material to provide maximum current transmission...
  • Condenser
    $26.85 Condenser
    This is our standard replacement condenser that is used on all of our motorcycle magnetos (bracket is included).
  • $0.90 Fulcrum Pin Snap Ring
    This is a replacement snap ring that clips to the top of the fulcrum pin on the point plate to retain the spring point from moving vertically.
  • Replacement Point Set
    $22.60 Choose Options Replacement Point Set
    Replace your worn point set with this new set from Joe Hunt. Contacts are made out of tungsten to ensure a long life. Note: Please choose what point type you need by viewing the list below: #137 (Clockwise...
  • Point Plate Screw Kit
    $3.75 Point Plate Screw Kit
    Set of four screws and internal star washers to retain your point plate.  Note: Will not work on early Fairbanks point plates with tapered head machine screws.
  • Counter Clockwise Point Plate Shown in Photo
    $84.75 Choose Options Motorcycle Point Plate Assembly
    This is our CNC'd billet aluminum point plate that replaces the original cast Fairbanks Morris point plates. Machined from 6061 aluminum, these point plates won't warp or crack like the originals around the hold down screws...

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