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  • High Energy Coil
    $79.95 High Energy Coil
    This is a replacement coil for our High Performance Distributor.
  • Replacement Module
    $125.50 Replacement Module
    This is the correct replacement module for your Joe Hunt Magnetos High Performance Distributor. This unit is made for Joe Hunt Magnetos by Pertronix Performance Products and is based on their Ignitor series of ignition...
  • Distributor Rotor
    $20.85 Distributor Rotor
    This is the correct replacement rotor for your Joe Hunt High Performance Distributor.
  • Ballast Resistor
    $25.70 Ballast Resistor
    This is the correct ballast resistor to use with the Joe Hunt High Performance Distributor. Do not try to use other ballast resistors in its place. We have tried several dozen different resistors, and this is the one that...
  • Anti Track Insulator
    $4.85 Anti Track Insulator
    The anti-track insulator helps keep the spark between the rotor and cap terminal interruption free. When the anti-track insulator is damaged or missing the spark can travel from the rotor tip to the magneto housing causing a...
  • Point Plate Replacement Bearing
    $39.65 Point Plate Replacement Bearing
    Replace your worn of missing Point Plate Bearing with this new factory unit. An old bearing will allow the breaker cam to move side to side, which will not allow the points to be gapped accurately on all cylinders. Unit is a...
  • Base Shim Kit
    $4.95 Base Shim Kit
    These come in a set of six shims that include two .005, .010 and .020 inch shims. This will allow you to shim your base to the correct .005 tolerance that will maximize gear and bushing life.
  • Thrust Washer
    $2.50 Thrust Washer
    This is the steel thrust washer that goes between the gear and base assembly. This can be worn out some times due to the magneto not being properly indexed leading to no clearance between the gear, washer and base leading to...
  • Modern Era Aluminum Tag
    $5.00 Modern Era Aluminum Tag
    This is the tag that Hunt Magnetos has been using for the last twenty years. You can replace your worn or missing tag with this new one to give your magneto a fresh new look. Two speed nuts are included to fasten the tag to...
  • Replacement Bushings
    $6.80 Choose Options Replacement Bushings
    Replace your worn base bushings so that optimum gear life and timing can be achieved. These are replacement self-lubricating bushings for magneto and distributor bases. The bushings are Oilite units that are constructed of...