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  • MSD Coil Wire #84039
    $18.50 MSD Coil Wire #84039
    It is recommended that the coil wire be replaced annually as it fires four times per crankshaft revolution versus a spark plug wire that fires once every two revolutions. This MSD replacement coil wire is 18” long with...
  • MSD Plug Wire Numbers #3414
    $19.95 MSD Plug Wire Numbers #3414
    These MSD cylinder markers markers will save you time and ensure that the plug wires are always in the right place. They are also built to withstand high underhood temperatures. The Markers are also supplied on a trick...
  • Heavy Duty Band Clamp #26041A
    $59.99 Heavy Duty Band Clamp #26041A
    Genuine Mallory heavy duty stainless steel quick release band clamp. Band clamp makes it quick and easy to remove the generator portion of your magneto. Fits both 4&8 cylinder magnetos for the following models:-...
  • MSD Square Drive Adapter
    $10.50 MSD Square Drive Adapter
    This is a replacement drive that joins the bottom of the magnet rotor to the top of the base assembly on MSD magnetos. Replacing this unit on a regular basis will help keep optimum spark timing in your MSD magneto.
  • MSD Rotor
    $25.00 MSD Rotor
    This is a factory replacement rotor from MSD. Rotors should be checked often for play by taking the magneto out and twisting the gear and rotor in opposite directions. If movement is felt and cannot be fixed by tightening...
  • Thrust Washer
    $2.50 Thrust Washer
    This is the steel thrust washer that goes between the gear and base assembly. This can be worn out some times due to the magneto not being properly indexed leading to no clearance between the gear, washer and base leading to...
  • Replacement Bushings
    $6.80 Choose Options Replacement Bushings
    Replace your worn base bushings so that optimum gear life and timing can be achieved. These are replacement self-lubricating bushings for magneto and distributor bases. The bushings are Oilite units that are constructed of...