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Sprint Mag I

  • Mallory Rotor Drive Plate
    $18.95 Mallory Rotor Drive Plate
    Replace your worn, or damaged rotor drive plate with this new Mallory unit.  Sometimes the "D" shaped cutout that slips over the magnet rotor becomes irregularly shaped from movement, which will result in inaccurate and...
  • Upper Drive Assembly Bearing #25707
    $19.20 Upper Drive Assembly Bearing #25707
    Replace your worn drive assembly bearing with the new unit from Mallory to ensure accurate timing and to keep the magneto running cool for extended service life.
  • Mallory Lower Generator Bearing #28868
    $14.15 Mallory Lower Generator Bearing #28868
    Replace your worn lower generator bearing with this new Mallory unit to keep your engine timing accurate and magneto running cool.
  • Mallory Upper Generator Bearing #28962
    $11.15 Mallory Upper Generator Bearing #28962
    Replace your worn upper generator bearing with this new unit from Mallory to keep your engine timing accurate and magneto running cool. 
  • Mallory Replacement Point Set #25758M
    $32.75 Mallory Replacement Point Set #25758M
    Genuine replacement Mallory high performance point set. This point set has thickened contact arms, longer wearing rubbing block and heavy duty contact spring to allow for high RPM operation and extended life. Note that...
  • Mallory Lock-Out #28103A
    $49.60 Mallory Lock-Out #28103A
    Genuine Mallory rubber coupling that goes between the generator and drive portion of of the magneto. Original coupling units were made with a flexible resin material that would allow the engine timing to wander. These new...
  • Heavy Duty Band Clamp #26041A
    $59.99 Heavy Duty Band Clamp #26041A
    Genuine Mallory heavy duty stainless steel quick release band clamp. Band clamp makes it quick and easy to remove the generator portion of your magneto. Fits both 4&8 cylinder magnetos for the following models:-...
  • Mallory Replacement Wire Harness #28998
    $17.95 Mallory Replacement Wire Harness #28998
    This is a replacement wire harness for the generator portion of the magneto. Somtimes these connectors become brittle, or get burnt and need to be replaced. Has a connector with a yellow male lead and an orange female lead...
  • Mallory Replacement Rotor #28995A/28995
    $44.40 Mallory Replacement Rotor #28995A/28995
    Mallory constructed these distributor rotors from an innovative, space age plastic that combines the high dielectric strength required for today's high energy ignition systems and high impact-resistant qualities to prevent...
  • High Output Condenser
    $38.65 High Output Condenser
    This is the condenser that we use on our high output applications such as our H-2 and H-3 magnetos. It is also used on all Mallory magnetos that have a condenser on the inside of the housing. This condenser is rated at 0...
  • Thrust Washer
    $2.50 Thrust Washer
    This is the steel thrust washer that goes between the gear and base assembly. This can be worn out some times due to the magneto not being properly indexed leading to no clearance between the gear, washer and base leading to...
  • Replacement Bushings
    $6.80 Choose Options Replacement Bushings
    Replace your worn base bushings so that optimum gear life and timing can be achieved. These are replacement self-lubricating bushings for magneto and distributor bases. The bushings are Oilite units that are constructed of...
  • External Coil
    $225.00 External Coil
    This is our external coil that we supply with all of our extrnal coil magnetos. This unit can be used in place of Vertex, Mallory, Don Zig and any other manufacturers external coils. Unit is solid state, so it can...
  • High Performance External Coil
    $255.00 High Performance External Coil
    This is our new high performance external coil. Due to a special winding combination this external coil will increase the output of your external coil magneto roughly an amp and a half over other standard external coils...