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  • MSD Plug Wire Numbers #3414
    $19.95 MSD Plug Wire Numbers #3414
    These MSD cylinder markers markers will save you time and ensure that the plug wires are always in the right place. They are also built to withstand high underhood temperatures. The Markers are also supplied on a trick...
  • Heavy Duty Band Clamp #26041A
    $59.99 Heavy Duty Band Clamp #26041A
    Genuine Mallory heavy duty stainless steel quick release band clamp. Band clamp makes it quick and easy to remove the generator portion of your magneto. Fits both 4&8 cylinder magnetos for the following models:-...
  • Joe Hunt Chevy Billet Hold Down Clamp
    $59.95 Joe Hunt Chevy Billet Hold Down Clamp
    The Joe Hunt billet hold down clamp for Chevrolet engines is both attractive and functional at the same time. The clamp allows the distributor or magneto to be secured tightly and has a set screw to adjust the height, so...
  • Slip Collar
    $25.50 Slip Collar
    This is a slip collar that can be placed on a Chevy Magneto or Distributor base after the original collar has been machined off. The slip collar allows the magneto or distributor to be moved vertically up and down in the...
  • Joe Hunt Relay
    $32.65 Joe Hunt Relay
    Allows the magneto to be turned on and off using the stock ignition switch.