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  • Black Bakelite Cap
    $41.65 Black Bakelite Cap
    This is our black Bakelite cap that we have made especially for us. The Bakelite material is used for its non-conductivity and heat resistance properties. The cap features brass terminal inserts for corrosion resistance and...
  • Black Bakelite Single Fire Cap
    $73.60 Black Bakelite Single Fire Cap
    This black Bakelite cap is what we use on our single fire conversions, which allows each plug to be fired individually rather than at the same time for a hotter spark at the plug.The Bakelite material is used for its...
  • Cap Lead Rod
    $10.25 Cap Lead Rod
    This is the lead rod that installs into the bottom of the #230 single fire cap. The rod completes the connection between the cap and the coil. Our unit is machined from brass material to provide maximum current transmission...