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Sportster and Flathead 1957-'70 (#1277)


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  • Lower Housing Seal
    $3.85 Choose Options Lower Housing Seal
    This is a replacement lower housing seal that installs just below the lower housing bearing on the underside of the magneto. It prevents engine oil from traveling up into the bottom of the magneto housing. Joe Hunt offers...
  • Base Adapter
    $72.00 Base Adapter
    This is our replacement base adapter for Harley Davidson Sportsters and Flatheads (1957-1970). The adapter features a billet upper attached to a steel lower with Oillite bushings installed. Note: This replacement adapter...
  • Replacement Bushings
    $6.50 Choose Options Replacement Bushings
    Replace your worn base bushings so that optimum gear life and timing can be achieved. These are replacement self-lubricating bushings for magneto and distributor bases. The bushings are Oilite units that are constructed of...
  • Snap Ring for Harley Magneto Shaft
    $2.00 Snap Ring for Harley Magneto Shaft
    This is the correct snap ring used to retain the shaft in our Harley and Indian magnetos. The snap ring fits the following models:#1274 '74 Type Twin 1936-69#1277 Sportster/Flathead1957-1970 #1282 Indian #1296 Big Twin...
  • Drive Shaft with 3/8 Hex for #1277
    $45.50 Drive Shaft with 3/8 Hex for #1277
    This is a replacement shaft for our Joe Hunt Magneto Harley Sportster and 57'-70' Flathead magnetos that utilize a two piece rotor and shaft combination with a 3/8" hex in the bottom of the magnet rotor.
  • Drive Gear
    $25.20 Drive Gear
    This is the iron drive gear that we use on our Harley Magnetos. It is made from a hardened iron alloy that allows the gear to wear evenly for a long life and easy break-in. Includes roll pin. The gear fits the following...
  • Replacement Roll Pins
    $3.95 Choose Options Replacement Roll Pins
    These are replacement Roll Pins that are used to hold distributor and magneto gears in place. Some models are available in spiral versions that have more retention strength for high RMP racing applications. Roll...
  • Adapter Plate for #1277
    $39.90 Adapter Plate for #1277
    This is our billet aluminum adapter plate that bolts to the engine case on 1957-1970 Harley Sportster and Flathead models. This adapter plate is required when using the Joe Hunt Magnetos #7001 base assembly. For stock Harley...
  • Base To Housing Bolts
    $9.95 Base To Housing Bolts
    These are the correct Allen head 1/4" x 20 bolts used to attach the various base, advance and cam cover adapters to the bottom of the magneto housing. This kit includes all four bolts...

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