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Indian Replacement Magneto (#1282)


  • Point Plate Grease Shield
    $0.90 Point Plate Grease Shield
    Replace your worn or missing grease shield with this new one. Helps keep grease from the point plate bearing from reaching the top side of the point plate and contaminating the point contacts.
  • Point Plate Bearing
    $37.95 Point Plate Bearing
    Replace that worn out point plate bearing in your magneto to keep your magnet rotor running true and your point gap accurate. Includes inner race that is pressed onto the end of the magnet rotor shaft...
  • Point Plate Bearing Retaining Washer
    $2.95 Point Plate Bearing Retaining Washer
    Replace your worn or missing point plate bearing retaining washer. This washer helps keep the point plate bearing from moving vertically and also helps keep grease from getting into the magnet rotor assembly. 
  • Magnet Rotor for #1282
    $225.00 Choose Options Magnet Rotor for #1282
    This is our CNC’d magnet rotor that fits original Fairbanks housings as well as our billet housings. The advantage of the Joe Hunt magnet rotor is that it utilizes neodymium magnets that never loose their charge, so...
  • Lower Housing Bearing Snap Ring
    $0.90 Lower Housing Bearing Snap Ring
    Replace your worn or missing lower housing bearing snap ring with this new one. Helps keep the lower housing bearing from moving vertically in its bore.
  • Lower Housing Bearing
    $34.75 Lower Housing Bearing
    Replace that worn lower housing bearing in your magneto to keep your magnet running true and to avoid wearing out bushings and seals.
  • Ground Terminal Assembly (Moto)
    $9.95 Ground Terminal Assembly (Moto)
    Replace your damaged or missing ground terminal assembly with this complete kit. Includes all the hardware and insulators shown in the photo.
  • Kill Lever
    $6.95 Kill Lever
    This is a kill lever that attaches to the ground post assembly on your magneto and can be used to "ground out" the mag by pressing it against the housing...
  • Key Switch
    $30.00 Choose Options Key Switch
    This is a replacement key switch for Joe Hunt Magnetos that already have a key switch installed. This switch will allow the magneto to be grounded with the turn of a key to help prevent the theft of your ride. We can also...
  • Billet Housing (Bare)
    $199.00 Choose Options Billet Housing (Bare)
    This is the Joe Hunt Magnetos billet housing that we use as the foundation for all of our motorcycle magnetos. This can be used to replace your original or damaged housing giving your ride a whole new look. Just take the...
  • Motorcycle Replacement Coil
    $118.50 Choose Options Motorcycle Replacement Coil
    Replace your worn, or damaged existing coil with one of these new units. Joe Hunt offers two different coil types.  Standard Replacement CoilThis is our standard replacement coil to replace your dead or missing...
  • Coil Contact Spring
    $1.95 Coil Contact Spring
    Replace your missing, or broken coil contact spring with these replacement units. This spring helps keep a steady flow of amperage traveling from the coil terminals to the cap. 
  • Coil Set Screw Kit
    $5.95 Coil Set Screw Kit
    These are the correct 3/8 x 24 hex head set screw that retain the coil in Joe Hunt and Fairbanks style magnetos. Set screws features a black oxide finish to resist corrosion. Two coil set screws are included in each...
  • Lower Housing Seal Washer Kit
    $6.90 Lower Housing Seal Washer Kit
    Replace your missing, or damaged lower housing seal washers with these new ones. Helps keep bearing grease from entering the magnet rotor area and retains the lower housing seal in cast housings. Includes both inner and...
  • Lower Housing Seal
    $3.85 Choose Options Lower Housing Seal
    This is a replacement lower housing seal that installs just below the lower housing bearing on the underside of the magneto. It prevents engine oil from traveling up into the bottom of the magneto housing. Joe Hunt offers...
  • $67.00 Indian Base Adapter
    This is our replacement base adapter for Indian magnetos.