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External Coil

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  • Advance Kit
    $69.85 Advance Kit
    This advance kit will add 20 degrees of advance at the crankshaft to your magneto to aid in starting. Note: Advance installation instructions can be found under the instructions tab at the top of the Joe Hunt Magnetos...
  • Fixed Advance Assembly
    $16.40 Fixed Advance Assembly
    The fixed advance assembly is what Joe Hunt Magnetos recommends when running a magneto in both race and blown applications. 
  • Complete Chevy Shaft And Diamond Assembly
    $75.00 Choose Options Complete Chevy Shaft And Diamond Assembly
    This is a replacement shaft and drive diamond assembly for both Vertex and Joe Hunt Chevy bases. The shaft can become damaged due to the engine stopping abruptly and twisting the oil pump tang on the bottom. The shaft can...
  • Base Shim Kit
    $4.95 Base Shim Kit
    These come in a set of six shims that include two .005, .010 and .020 inch shims. This will allow you to shim your base to the correct .005 tolerance that will maximize gear and bushing life.
  • Joe Hunt Chevy Billet Base (Bare)
    $165.00 Joe Hunt Chevy Billet Base (Bare)
    Type a description for this product here...
  • Tach Drive Nut
    $25.00 Tach Drive Nut
    Replace your worn or missing Tach Drive Nut with this new unit. Often times these are missing or have the outer threads cross-threaded beyond repair. This part is a new factory replacement that has bronze bushings installed...
  • Tach Drive Lock Plate
    $4.85 Tach Drive Lock Plate
    Replace your missing or damaged Tach Drive Lock Plates with these new factory replacements. This Lock Plate is used to keep the Tach Drive Nut from coming loose.
  • Tach Drive Cross Shaft
    $55.98 Tach Drive Cross Shaft
    Replace your damaged or missing Cross Shaft in your tach drive base with this new unit. This shaft along with a nylon insert (sold separately) will allow the use of a mechanical tachometer with your magneto.
  • Thrust Washer
    $2.50 Thrust Washer
    This is the steel thrust washer that goes between the gear and base assembly. This can be worn out some times due to the magneto not being properly indexed leading to no clearance between the gear, washer and base leading to...
  • Housing Stud
    $3.85 Choose Options Housing Stud
    This is the correct Scintilla/Vertex stud to replace your damaged or missing original stud.
  • Base Nut
    $2.45 Base Nut
    This is the correct tapered base nut to replace your damaged or missing base nut.
  • External Coil
    $215.00 External Coil
    This is our external coil that we supply with all of our extrnal coil magnetos. This unit can be used in place of Vertex, Mallory, Don Zig and any other manufacturers external coils. Unit is solid state, so it can...
  • High Performance External Coil
    $235.00 High Performance External Coil
    This is our new high performance external coil. Due to a special winding combination this external coil will increase the output of your external coil magneto roughly an amp and a half over other standard external coils...

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